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Yes, Messi – My favorite football player

The answer to this question is very easy and since I follow football with passion I don’t have to think on it even for one second. Messi, yes Messi is my favorite player in the world right now. Not just that with his recent form and what he brings to his teams FC Barcelona and Argentina he is my favorite football player of all time beating the Brazilian duo of Ronaldinho and Rivaldo. I didn’t become a Messi fan boy when he was reaching height of success but when he was just looking to start the game rather than a substitute.

My first impression of him was in 2006 when he started the UEFA champions league game vs. Chelsea who arguably were in their best shape in the entire club’s history. He showed pieces of brilliance and genius there and I thought that this kid has potential and he was marked as the next Maradona by the media, but I wasn’t convinced back then since Maradona was the greatest player of time and there were other players who were dubbed to be next Maradon but they failed to live upto expectations. But Messi is working hard to strengthen this claim day by day and game by game that he is only worthy to be the next Maradona.

On a club level at FC Barcelona he was won every trophy more than twice which is a very big feat for a football play and since he was won 5 Ballon, D’OR (best football player of the year award) 5 times, more than any player in the history, he is succeeding his compatriot Maradona. The only two trophies that still finding place is trophy cabinet are the FIFA worldcup and Copa America. Messi came close to winning both these trophies in the past two years. In 2014 Argentina lost the worldcup final to Germany in the extra time and 2015 they lost the Copa America final on penalties against Chile. With Messi being 28 years old and and world cup is still two and years in wait, the question is, will Messi be able to continue his peak form for Russia 2018 and be able to lead Argentina to glory once again? We will have to wait and see. To me he is the greatest player of all time. But once he wins the Worldcup I think many of the naysayers will no doubt and only then he will truly be celebrated as the best of all times.

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