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Why Pakistan fails to produce good Olympians?

When you hear the word Olympic games, Pakistan is the least likely to be the country to come to your mind unless you are Pakistani and still you will only waiting for the moment the Pakistani team to be announced and see the team in the parade of nations, other than that you will see you the national athlete losing in the very early stages of the tournament. You can either mock them or feel sorry for them, but either way the fact remains that we are not upto the Olympic caliber. We have won a total of 10 medals throughout the olympic history. 3 golds, 3 silvers and, 2 bronze in field hockey, 1 bronze medal in wrestling and boxing each. now we only have Cricket the sports in which we also seem to struggle a lot despite being the number 1 test team. So the question arises is that why Pakistan is not the best of teams to excel in the Olympics or why Pakistan fails to produce world class olympians? This question arises amongst almost everyone at some level while the games are being held every four years. The answer we always seem to agree upon is that we don’t have enough infrastructure or enough money to make it sustainable for the future. That is right because the it costs millions to set up the infrastructure and yet that doesn’t guarantee a success, you can look at the oil rich gulf countries who also fails to impress at the grandest of the stages. Infrastructure alone can’t bring out the good athletes because the athletes have to struggle very hard to come out of the dogmatic thinking of our society to not to pursue our dreams. It makes them feel loners and make their struggle more difficult as the parents, the society doesn’t accept them and force them to make careers they are not willing to take. Some of our cricketers were also not born to greatness but had support of their peers to make it to the international stage and excel. The most recent success story of that is Yasir Shah whose father initially stopped him from playing but when he saw what his son was capable of he let his son play even away from his hometown Peshawar so that he could pursue his dreams. We need to understand the fact that once you see a  passionate young athlete who have the potential to improve, all that person needs is some encouragement and it will cause an immense change in mind and will help the athletes to overcome the other challenges with ease.

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