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Why football is my favorite sport?

Why football is my favorite sport? At first this question made me laugh, because I don’t find any specific reason to follow this game branded as the beautiful game. I started watching it regularly back in 2005 when Ronaldinho ruled the world. Before that I used to play football either on street or play FIFA video game. The more I watched the more I got hooked to it, the only problem was that many of the UEFA champions league and Spanish league games were played were after midnight and I had school early morning. But those times are past me. Now I have got more time and more freedom.

I have spent quite a time arguing that football with my friends who love cricket because in Pakistan cricket is number No.1 sport for a long time even tough hockey is our national game, but whose got time for that. Cricket is truly been a fan favorite in the sub-continent region. But I am bigger fan of football since I was a child. It clearly doesn’t mean that I hate cricket. I enjoy a couple of big matches and with the recent PSL I am back into it. But the thing about cricket is that it is time consuming. You can’t just be hooked on the screen for the whole ten hours and then curse the day when your team loses. Even the shortest T20 format is 4 long hours. That is one the reasons that I like football, its short and the teams I follow are more than entertaining (I.e. FC Barcelona and Arsenal). 2 hours makes sense and it isn’t a burden to you because you have got the whole day to yourself other the game. But that’s not the real reason I follow football. That’s the reason I tell people when they bring cricket into the equation and say it is the better game.

I could argue another reason such as football is a global sport and the most watched sport in the world. Almost played in every country, it is a sport that unites the world. A game of masses, it brings joys to the people and lets them forget their worries for two hours and enjoy the beauty and adore its simplicity.

The best reason I could think is that I just love the game, I find it attractive, I am drawn to it and mostly I feel that my life would be incomplete without football.


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