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Usain Bolt the best sprinter ever

The year was 2008, I was watching the Olympics like people usually do and see whatever sport is on and act like an expert about the sport athletes are playing. 100m sprint was about to start, I only heard and saw highlights of one his previous races in which he made the world record. Yet my cousin said that
Asafa Powell another Jamacian in the ranks was the favorite to win the title. Asafa Powell however lost in the semi finals and Bolt’s rival was Tyson Gay of the USA team. It was all set and the shot starts up the race. Bolt was behind in first, I thought that all the hype for nothing and then after the 40m mark Usain began to pick up speed and within two or three seconds he was in the lead. Then what we see is that in the final 15-20 meters Bolt is celebrating with an untied shoe and sets a World record of 9.69s and I was baffled & mesmerized like everyone else. It was unbelievable feet to achieve but he did and did it with style. That wasn’t the end of as Bolt won 200m setting the world and Olympic record of 19.30s and won gold at 4X100m relay with his compatriots Asafa Powell, Micheal Frater, and Nesta Carter with another world and Olympic record of 37.10s and told the world what he is capable of and a glimpse of what a human being can do if one pushes itself to the limit.


In 2009 he made improvements in his start and reaction time which resulted in two world records of 100m in 9.58s and 200m in 19.19 which are yet to be broken. In 2012 the stage was set again for the mighty Bolt to show case his talents tell the world that he is a not a one wonder man. It happened yet again and Bold bagged all three gold medals he was competing in. It was eminent that everyone who wishes to get a gold medal in sprinting should pray for Bolt’s retire of injury, because he made these titles as own.

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Jumping to 2016 Bolt was again favorite to clinch the titles but this time the whole world was going to witness the event with the record audience of more than 30million for the his events which was never achieved before making the most watched athlete in the Olympics. He announced earlier that this will be his last Olympics and he is retiring from the sport, so people had one last chance to gaze upon the magnificent Bolt. This time he also did it with style as won all the races, he was looking at the cameras smiling as if it wasn’t hard for him at all while others behind him were struggled for the 2nd place.

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All in all Bolt had won 9 gold medals including 6 individual medals which is not likely to be broken anytime soon. This is insane because in these sprinting events a lot of things can go wrong in less than seconds costing you dearly, but Bolt aced all of his medals with ease and his composed posture which made him a fan favorite. We are very lucky to be born in this age of Usain St. Leo Bolt, nicknamed the “lightning Bolt” and he will forever be cherished as the greatest sprinter of all time.

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