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List of Tragic Cricketers Deaths

Cricket is a gentleman game. It is tough in all aspect but with huge focus on training these days cricketers are well equipped to face the music. It all started in England which is the home of cricket too. Britisher loved that sports started from early 1800. Australia and England were fierce rivals in early days of the game that resulted in Ashes. Ashes is still played between these two fierce rivals and it is still as huge as it was in its early days. During the time and the stay of British Empire in South Asia they focused on introducing Cricket as a game that should be played. That started a spark in Asia about the game.

People now love the game not even in Asia but across the planet. who had ever thought the game will start to flourish in countries like USA,Canada, Bermuda, Singapore,Denmark, Netherlands. In short it is of the famous game probably after football and tennis.Sadly there are deaths in the game too. Some off field some on field. which is of-course very sad indeed. So limit2sports has compiled up a list  of some very sad and tragic cricketers deaths over the years starting from the game beginning. The List is as Follows.


(1) Phillip Hughes was hit a deadly blow in the head during a Domestic match in Australia. He went to comma and died after two  days. He was just 25 years old and was at the prime of his career. Hughes death started a huge question mark of safety for batsmen.He died in 27th November,2014.


(2) Darryn Randall the South African domestic player was  hit on the side of his head by a ball during a domestic game. He was rushed to Eastern Cape Hospital and was in ventilator for few hours but he died later. He was 32 Years Old. He died in 27th October,2013. 


(3) Raman Lamba was 38 years old when he died while fielding in Bangladesh Premier League. He was hit on his temple which started internal hemorrhage. He died three days later. Raman was a very promising player having played for Indian National Team. He was also included in Ireland cricket team and was a very good opening batsman. 

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(4) Wasim Raja a great Pakistani Cricketer died at the age of 54 because of heart failure while playing for surrey over 50 side in England. Wasim was born in Multan and played most of his cricket in England. His younger brother Ramiz was also  a Pakistani Player played in the 1992 world cup final too. 


(5) Jasper Vinall was the first cricketer to die on field. He was struck by a bat after the batsman was trying to hit the missed bowled twice to avoid being caught in the slip. This case went in court and it was decided it was moreover a misadventure then a murder. After that the laws of cricket changed and now nobody can hit the ball twice. He was 34 years old died in 28th August 1624. 

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(6) Abdul Aziz just 18 years old died after being hit by a ball in the chest. He died in 1999. He was Pakistani domestic cricketer.


(7) Ian Folley English domestic player died after being hit by a ball in his eye. He suffered heart attack after the blow. He was just 33 Years old. He died in 1993.


(8) Nauman Habib the Pakistani cricketer was murdered in Peshawar. He was 32 years old his body was left at the door of his house after two days of his kidnapping. He played for Peshawar Pathers in domestic T20 tournament.


(9)Kuntal Chandra the Bangladesh domestic player. He was murdered in 2012 in the outskirts of Dhaka. The motive is still unclear.


(10) Erol Peart the former American cricketer. He was originally from Jamaica and was a dual national. He was shot trying to help the victim of attempted robbery. He died in December,2012. 




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