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Tiger Woods will not win again


Tiger woods is one of the champ of the game.He has won alot of majors . The guys is simply a role model for young generation for his game not for his personal life. He has a miserable personal life lately getting divorced from his wife and after that his game has changed and went to a downfall. He will look on Tiger Woods and see why he will not be able to win any major tournaments again. Here is the list why.


(1) Age: Tiger woods is getting pretty old he is  almost 39 years old and age is a factor that will play a important role and has actually effected his game a great deal for the past three years.

(2) Health: There is a close relation between age and health. Health plays a important role in the perfomance of a player whether in soccer,rugby or golf. You have to be super fit but due to injuries in his back and the knee injury has created a problem for tiger woods which will keep getting worse specially the back and he will not be 100% in the golf course.

(3) Confidence: Killer instinct is what is missing. Tiger woods had that when he started his career and he was so confident on any course against any player that he was  difficult to compete with but that is missing and this is one of the reason.

(4) Putting: Tiger woods had the best putt in the game without a doubt. He happens to change the putter he was using which lead him win 14 majors. He had a terrific record of putts with a world record of 1000 consecutive putts inside 3 feets. That is not happening cant tell why is it the putter or anything else but i think every point above mentioned is corelated.



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