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Tiger Woods Hot Girlfriends



Tiger woods had relationship with alot of girls during his time. He was very outgoing person partying with girls and enjoying a day off . It is estimated that he had minimum of 12 girlfriends in her life. That sounds pretty much true. OK.. So we have compiled up a list of the five most beautiful Tiger woods girlfriends. Enjoy. He is no wuss.

(1) Rachel Uchitel is by profession a manager of a club in New York City. Unfortunately Rachel lost her fiance in Trade center attack. Rachel then got married in 2004 but ended her marriage few months later. She had a affair with Tiger woods for few months too.


(2) Jamiee Grubbs was also one of the alleged mistress of the golf champ Tiger woods. They were in relationship for several months but kept it a big secret. Jamiee recieved text messages from Tiger woods which were leaked but yet to establish if they were real or fake.


(3) Jamie Jungers was another of Tiger woods so called girlfriends/mistress. Jamie was actually cheating on her fiancee who was a great Tiger woods fan. Tiger started cheating on his wife just after 7 months of marriage.


(4) Cori Rist was another of Tiger woods mistresses. She apologized live on tv to tigers wife after the news was broken by media.


(5) Elin Nordegren  Yes, this hot model, was actually Tiger’s wife.  However and sadly and  apparently Tiger thought she is just another of  Tiger Woods girlfriends. She divorced the Golf and girls crazy tiger woods in 2010. Ending a 6 years relationship after finding that he was cheating on her.


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