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The Benefits of Playing Tennis






People say Soccer is the most watched sport in the world. Yes that’s true but tennis is no doubt second in the list of most watched sport in the world. Every sports has benefits tennis has benefits too. It improves your Health, fitness and keep you fresh and tough throughout your life. Healthy sports what tennis is. To see in depth benefits of tennis we have compiled up a list of some benefits of  playing tennis.


Helps You Lower Your Body Fats:


Playing tennis helps you alot it improves your body fats and keep you strong and fit.It generally helps your Lipid profile and helps to lower your cholesterol level to a greater deal. Apart from lowering your cholesterol it helps you with diseases like hypertension, and Heart attacks. All this helps you to play a better life.



Improve Your Balance and Flexibility:


Due to constant moving in court it improves your flexibility and also improves your balance. This is because of your constant movement in court.Tennis is so intense that it improves your balance a greater deal.


Improves Your Immune System


Tennis improves your entire body and in result improves your immune system. It also helps to increase your bone density and bone mass and resulting in preventing osteoporosis.



Improves Healthy Personality


Tennis helps you to develop a connection with your brain. This helps you to make proper decisions and also helps you to achieve a high level of self esteem and lower your depression. It also helps you to lower your anger level and also controls your emotions. In short it improves your overall personality.



 Body Co-ordination Improves


Tennis also improves your co ordination with your body. It is a fast paced sports so you move back and forth and this helps you to improve your hand and eye co ordination level.



Improved Your Social Skills and Discipline


It improves your social skills because of interacting with players and more importantly the crowd who comes up to watch you play. It also helps your discipline and your become more organised reaching the match venue on time and it helps you organize more and more and improves your daily time table.


Improves Your Strategic Mind

Tennis improves your strategic mind you constantly thing of which shot to play next to win the point where to serve and so on. It improves your ability to think.



Improves Dietary Habits


Tennis helps you develop a better diet plan and improve your every meal and what meal to consume and what to eat at what time. This helps you healthy and fit and improves your game.



Improved Your Aerobic

Tennis helps you  improve aerobic and your oxygen in take. Tennis helps your body from every directions and every aspect. Tennis is a sport that should be played by everyone in order to live a healthy and prosperous life.



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