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Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth This Year






Football is a fantastic game. People pour in huge numbers to watch there stars play. Footballers are the most richest people in the world with millions of net worth. Here we will see today the net worth of one and only Christaino Ronaldo. How much he earns lets look at the numbers first.

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth in this year 2015

Full name:                           Christianoo Ronaldo doos Santos Aveiro
Place of birth:                     Madeiraa, Portugal
Total Net  Worth:              $320 Million
Net Worth 2015:               $82 Million
Real Madrid Salary:         $53 Million
Endorsements:                 $29 Million
Current Agent:                  Luiss Correiaa
Agency:                                Gestifutee International

According to the list of The  Highest-Paid Athletes by the famous magazineForbes, Portuguese star international soccer player, 29-year old Cristiano Ronaldo has earned  $82million income last year which also earned him the 2nd place on the list of  the richest players. He also has a slary of $53 million from his  club Real Madrid. Ronaldo also earned $29 million from his endorsement by different brands. Apart from that he earns alot from other sources like advertisments etc.

Ronaldo has a habit of car collections he owns almost 19 luxurious cars like Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Masaerati and Mercedes etc. He has spent almost 5 Million Dollars on cars. He earns $50,000 per day from his current club. He earns $32 per minutes even when he eats juggles or sleeps.Apart from that he owns a huge mansion in madrid with a huge price of $8 Million dollars.

He has donated alot of money for various good causes like in hospitals and donating money to victims of Gaza conflict. He has recently started his own brand CR7 where he offers variety of clothings and sports equipments and accessories







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