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Cristiano Ronaldo ends Relationship with Irina Shayk

ronaldo and Irina

Cristaino Ronaldo is again breaking news after winning the ‘Golden Ball’ recently Ronaldo was very happy the way things were going. He was with her girlfriend and his kid during the ceremony and he had a perfect day. But things went pretty bad recently.Limit2Sports can report now that there has been a confirmed report from various sources that Cristiano Ronaldo has split up with his girlfriend the Russian Model Irina Shayk. They were in a relationship for almost 5 years but the split up came as a shock because they were planning wedding next year. Irina refused to come to Ronaldos mothers Birthday Bash. This was the reason behind there splitting up. Its a Solid reason too because Irina was free on the birthday of Ronaldo’s mother and had nothing to do.It is a sad day for both of them because they were in a terrific relationship but thats fate for you and we hope Ronaldo will find a better girl soon. Irina has also stopped following Ronaldo on twitter too. A sad ending indeed.

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