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Cricket Stadiums in Pakistan



Here is the List of some awesome cricket stadiums in Pakistan.



(8) Ayyub Stadium in Quetta

Ayub stadium in Balochistan province is one of the Best Stadium in the province with a capacity of almost 8000 people.


(7)   Shiekhhupura Stadium

One of the stadium which has never been looked after having a capacity of over 15,000 people this is the same crowd where the legend wasim scored his highest test score of his career. Sad its in this condition nowadays.


(6)  The Lovely Arbab Niaz Stadium in Peshawar, (KPK)Pakistan

The First match in this wonderful stadium was played back in 1995. The stadium has a capacity of almost 20,000 cricket fans. Afridi Played some amazing knocks in this vary stadium. Thats Afridis hometown too.


(5)  The Jinnah Stadium in Gujranwalla, Punjab

The Later master back in 1989 made debut in this stadium. Surprise it may sound to some indivduals buts thats true. But sadly the condition nowadays of the stadium which can have a capacity of more than 20,000 is very grim.


(4)   The awesome Niaz Stadium Hydderabad,Sindh

Javed Miandad played some cricket knocks here which includes highest run partnership with the game great Mudasar Nazar. The stadium can accommodate more than 20,000 people.


(3) The Lovely Jinnah Stadium Sialkot, Punjab

A beautiful city of Pakistan National poet with a beautiful stadium. Inzimam, Shoaib Malik and other famous cricketers played some awesome knocks in this stadium. It has a capacity of 15,000. Nowdays it is used for Public gatherings sad indeed.


(2)  The Beautiful Gaddafi Stadium in Food Lovers City Yeah Lahore, Pakistan

The Stadium was established in the late 50s. The stadium is one of the best Pakistan has. It has a capacity of 20000.


(1) The National Cricket Stadium in the City of Lights

In a Beautiful city Pakistan has the best cricket stadium. The biggest Stadium has a capacity of 66,000 people. Some famous matches were played in this stadium.


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