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NBA Wives and GirlFriends



Playing in NBA is a dream for a player and if there dreams are achieved there is alot of excitement of  achieving that goal. But that is not a easy task at all and not a piece of cake. You have to work hard every day and train yourself  to achieve this mammoth goal. we have compiled up a list of some great NBA players and after getting famous they had some of the most amazing and beautiful girls in there life. There handwork got paid in the form of money and in the form of getting a great partner in there life. Who says hard-work doesn’t pay off ? Nobody. The list and detail of such lucky NBA stars are as follows. The NBA Wags.

(1) Drake is currently dating  Babeo Baggins. She is a rapper,drake was in a long time relationship with the beautiful Rihanna but they split up after some years and they were again together for some months but later drake decided to go on with his life and currently dates this nice looking rapper. Drake still says that he is in love with Rihanna.


(2)Marko Jarkic fell in love with Adriana Lima the Brazilian Super Model. Marko Proposed her on her 27h Birthday. The two then got married in Jackson Hole in USA in 2009. Reports of conflict after 5 years of marriage was reported in media and they decided at last to call it a day and separated in May,2014. They have two lovely daughters.


(3) Leandro Barbosa  is Brazilian NBA players who plays for a very promising team in NBA The Golden Warriors.He is married with Brazilian actor Samara Fellipo since the early 2008. They have two kids.


(4) Khloe Kardshian was engaged with a long relationship with  Lamar Odom.  Lamar was  LA Lakers player at that time. They got married in September,2009. They split up after 3 years and now Khloe has filed for divorce  They also featured in the hit Reality show “Khloe & Lamar”


(5) Tony Parker and Eva Longoria had a great relationship were together for sometime. But finally the relationship ended in a sad divorce after Eva found that Tony was cheating on her.


(6) Kobe Bryant and Vanessa her wife had very strange relationship.They were happily married for sometimes but later seperated. Vanessa filed for divorce but later they were again seen together in NYC. The relationship is difficult to explain but hopefully they sort out there differences quickly.


(7) Grant Hill married her true love Tamia Hill in 1999 when Grant was playing in NBA. They have a terrific relationship together. They have two kids. Both couple have faced illness in there life but they both were there for each other when needed. Tamia was suffering from MS disease which can disbale you own brain and the nervous system but after putting up a great fight she has recovered from MS and now she is very healthy.


(8) Al Holford the Atlanta Hawks player is married with Amelia Vega. They got married in 2011. Amelia is a former Miss Dominican Republic. Al is in fact also Dominican National. She is NBA hottest wife.




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