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NBA Deaths

Philip Hughes the famous Aussie cricketer recently died after being hit by a ball. It sometimes happened this is reality of life you get unlucky sometimes and if its your day then it is your day. Here is the list of some tragic deaths of NBA Stars who passed away at a young age. The list is as follows.



(1) Len Bias was great young gun in NBA. He was drafted in 1989 by the Boston Celtic. He died just two days later because of a drug overdose. Bias death started a discussion of more strict drug laws in the NBA. Len Bias could have become the greatest player after Magic Johnson. Its very sad that we were unable to see him flourishing in his career. He died young. He was just 22 Years old.


(2) Reggie Lewis  the Boston Celtic famous guard  collapsed during a game in 1993. He died later in Boston Hospital.The cause of his death was his heart problem. He had some heart defect for years.


(3) Manute Bol was probably the tallest player in his era. The Sudanese national was just 3 inches away from the 8 feet mark. He was a great blocker too had a impressive record of 3.5 blocks per game. He sadly passed away because of kidney issues in the year 2010. He was still young just 47 years old.


(4) Drazen Petrovic was the first European player to be playing in NBA. A tall and very impressive Nets player in his time died due to a car crash. He was just 28 years old.


(5) Dennis Johnson one of the best defender the game has ever seen which was endorsed by the great Magic Johnson was Celtic,Sonics player in his time. He was inducted in the best defensive team for almost 9 times. He later started coaching after retiring from the game and died while coaching because of heart failure in 2007.


(6) Pete Maravich was inducted in Hall of fame in the latest 80s was Minnesota point guard. Having a impressive record of almost 25 points per game was a  top player in his time. He died due to a heart failure at the age of 40.


(7) Malik Sealy  played for three NBA sides was named after the great Malcolm X. Sealy father was the bodyguard of Malcolm X. He was a New Yorker and was a very solid player in NBA. Malik Sealy was very active social worker and a very good actor. He featured in couple of Hollywood movies and was going for acting career after retiring. Malik Sealy sadly died due to a very tragic car accident. He was hit by a truck and the driver of the truck was drunk going the wrong way. The Unlucky Malik was just 30 years old when he crashed. The Truck driver was sentenced to three year in prison.

malik sealy car accident

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