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NBA 2K14 Game Review

 NBA 2K14 Game Review


This is the review of NBA 2K14 which is the latest game by EA Sports in market these days. The year 2015 have started and EA Sports will go for a newer version pretty soon maybe in the first quarter with definitely further improvements. But NBA 2K14 is the game which one should play in either PlayStation 4 or the Latest Xbox series.

Here we will go through some of the Pros and Cons of NBA 2K14. NBA series is awesome in many ways but it also has some flaws. The online mode is simply a waste of time because it is just barely functional. Just like that online version the GM mode is also full of flaw which has some bizarre trade’s logic’s, with unreal Contracts and if a player gets injured then it takes millions of years to get him back in the team. The best part of NBA is that it has got a career mode which is very cool and gamers enjoy and get involve with it.

The career mode is just like a low-budget Hollywood type film. This is the most interesting thing in that. This has led to the increase in amount of some new gamers who likes to visualize and who like to get themselves involve in the game on the field or off the field. But sadly for gamers who press the x button whenever the visual starts it is not for them. The good thing is that the typical gamer’s market share hasn’t decrease and by targeting the visual concept niche the users have increased.


The visual concepts includes

  • The Players rivalries on and off the court.
  • The tension between team mates.
  • Coaching disputes during and after games.



Career Mode in NBA 2K14


There has been a lot of investment in this series and new changes but the real investment is the emotional investment in particularly the career mode. In a way it has gone from a less interactive Spreadsheet style which the previous version had to a movie style.

You start your career in a career mode with a completely new avatar, you get chance to interact with players businessman, coaches your buddies. You can have a go and solve a dispute with your rival team players too.


The emotional part played an important role when a gamer sat down with his General Manger and asked him to trade him. Which left the gamer a little emotional. Why? Because he was in team for many years and asking for a trade made him emotional leaving his teammates’ and buddies. It touches you emotionally a lot. It gives you a feel not just on court but in off court activities too.



Gamers are given some signature moves to play around with. There are almost 7 signature moves which you can choose. The signature skills you have to earn by winning and improving your performance in every game possible. The more good games the more availability of signature skills.


There are three badges of personality which helps in the role of player on court. For example the alpha dog badge player will have some skills of giving their best when their teammates are out of form.


The inclusion of dynamic goal which is poorly designed in NBA is a flaw in career mode as it encourages you to be a bad teammate.


If you have a achieve an individual goal like basket the ball you have to achieve that goal no matter what. If you don’t the coach will substitute you and will give you a big lecture. Even if you have no chance to basket the ball and you see a free to go teammate and you pass him and even he scores the basket you still are going in the bad books of your coach. Hence you have to be a bad teammate to achieve dynamic goals which is its main flaw.


The virtual currency gives you various points and coins after you achieve some goals. But NBA makers have not balanced that too. For example if you achieve a goal you earn like 300 VC and at the end of season you have 30,000 VC and you are thinking you have got enough VC and went on to buy sneakers. The sneakers will cost you like 8000VC which is ridiculous. There is no balancing in VC.

Virtual Currency


In some cases coaches make some ridiculous decisions like assigning players in some of their unnatural positions like a 5 feet 7 inches guy is covering the likes of Kobe Bryant who is above 6 feet tall.



A very good game indeed there should not be a doubt about that but there is always a margin of improvement and hopefully with the new series there will be. A must game to play for crazy gamers. The NBA 2k14 game rating will be 9/10.






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