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Michael Jordan Secrets




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1. “The  Famous Flu Game” was the reason of Poisoning Jordan Favorite Pizza.

The Famous Flu game was played in the Year 97 Jordan ended up scoring  38 Points  that resulted in the Victory of Chicago. Jordan was sick throughout the match and was not 100%.Despite of all that he was still able to make a Man of The match performance. The sickness was the result of Poisonous Pizza. Bulls coach also revealed that the story was true and His personal trainer also confirmed it because he was with him during all the drama. His trainer said that ” We were in the hotel room in Utah and everyone was feeling a bit hungry but the room service time was up. So i said we should better order a pizza. Everybody agreed and later almost five person came for the Pizza delivery. I at once thought that there is something fishy. Everyone said yes it might be the case. So we decided not to eat that Pizza but Jordan insisted and ate couple of slices and in the morning he started  throwing up”



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2. Magic Jordan also played a cartoon hero in a short series with  Gretzky and Boo Jackson.

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3. Michael Jordan is very generous. He has also donated his 1st year salary to the victims and survivors of the tragic 9/11 incident. 

Micheal was given almost one million by wizard and he ended up giving every penny to the victims of 2001 Trade center attacks. In that season he was the most successful player in Wizards sides with the most number of steals and assists.


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4. Jordan Jersey was stolen when he was in Orlando. 

The thief is still pretty much unknown later the equipment manager gave him the number 12 jersey because the backup jersey was small. Micheal was pissed and said that It is very irritating and one should have a back up.

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