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List of Greatest Boxers




Combat sports what some people call boxing and it is true because it is a game of strength, accuracy and power. We have compiled a List of some greatest boxers of all time.The List goes like this.



(1) Muhammad Ali  is at the top of our list. One of the best boxer we have seen having just lost 5 games in his whole career. He was just amazing in the ring and out of the ring where he was outspoken. He gave boxing a great boom: Also you can see Best Cricket Movies of All time

joe louis

(2) Joe Louis is also referred as the man of who went on to beat Hitler. Having amazing career record with just 3 loses. He was one of the greatest in his time and a true american icon: Also in detail Read article about Micheal Jordan Secrets

jack johsno

(3) Jack Johnson with a impressive record of 40 knockouts and 8 loses was a villain in the press and a hero in most of the African American hearts. He was criticized alot because he had a habit of humiliating the opponents by not knocking them out.


(4) Jack Dempsey lost just 6 matches all his career with 51 knockouts. Jackie was a great entertainer in american boxing history. He was a role model for everyone. Brutal in ring he is regarded as the best boxer ever.


(5) Rocky Marciano never lost a single match in his career in his total 44 matches he played. A very aggressive puncher and a role model of many greats like Muhammad Ali.

Willie Pep Training

(6) Willie Pep is considered the first feather weight Champion. He also had a impressive record during his career ranging from 1950 to 1960. He knockout 66 times his opponents.He had a amazing speed and power.


(7) Julio Cesar Chavez with a record of 6 loses and more than 80 wins in his career which started in 1980 and ended in 2005. He was the best Mexican boxer of all time.


(8) Sugar Robinson had a amazing punch power and also had a amazing record. He had a record of 110 knockouts. He is one of the greatest boxer.

joe frazier

(9) Joe Frazier is famous for few things. He defeated Muhammad Ali in 1971 fight. He won a gold medal in Olympics and he was the undsiputed Heavy weight champion. He died in 2014 at the age of 67.


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