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Kim Kardashian Favourite American Football team

Television personality Kim Kardashian arrives at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles


Kim Kardashian one of the most successful actor in America was born in 1980. Kim mother is kris Jenner and her father was the defense lawyer of her God Father O.J Simpson. Kim has two sister and one brother and two step brothers and half sisters She is close with here sister Kourtney and they both are best friends. Kim attended school in California and was very fond of acting and modeling. Kim married Dave Thomas at a very early age of 19 only. They got divorced after few months. Kim has been married for four  times and now  is married with Kanya west. Ray J was his second husband and after there divorce there sex tape was leaked which had a huge impact financially for kim. Kim filed a suit against the publishers of the video which was vivid entertainment. Alot of people thought she will not settle out of court but to everyone’s surprise she  did settle with vivid entertainment for $5 Million Dollars. These days she is rich as hell. The whole Kardashian family net worth is more than $ 65 Million.

Kim Kardashian Baby girl North West

Kim Kardashian Baby girl North West Courtesy Ellen Show


Kardashians love sports. They are big fans of Miami Dolphins. Whenever they get time they watch Dolphins playing in Sun life Stadium.

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins


Miami Dolphins were founded in 1966 by attorney Joe Robbie and Danny Thomas.


Miami Dolphins have won Super bowl two times in a row back in 1972 and 1973. Apart from that they have appeared for Playoffs for total 22 times.



The Fins 


Dan Marino

Zac Thomas

Ricky Williams

Jake Long

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