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Is football growing in Pakistan?

When I started watching the game regularly back in 2005 I had to find people to talk about the sport and since other people were only following cricket  so I was a bit of social outcast and left out of these sport talks. This was before the fame of Facebook and internet was dead slow back then. Most of the games were played after midnight except the English Premier League games. It started to get better, first we got broadband to get better online streaming. Then Facebook became a medium to talk about, Facebook hundreds of groups related to football and you can find groups specific to your favorite teams and some related to specific regions in the country where we can talk about the latest happenings and live match.

My knowledge of the game is increased ten folds by just getting live feed from these groups. You get to know the cafes which are going to show the screening of the game. Islamabad has seen a significant rise of football grounds including the F-6, Ayub Park and Total Football near Chak Shehzad  in which you won’t the time of your liking easily and you have to book the ground at least a week before. This reaches its peak during Ramzan and this is not a surprise because all the tournaments are held after the opening the fast and grounds are booked for the whole month. So yes, football is growing in Pakistan and also Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This is good as we don’t have much entertaining things to do in the twin cities.  A healthy activity does no harm to anyone.

Now I see middle school kids talking about the latest games even the transfer windows. Back in my days I didn’t even know about the offside rule. The trend of football reaches its peak during major football event like World cup and UEFA EURO when the non-watchers are also glued to their TV screens and there is always PTV to show these important tournaments to feast our eyes.

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