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Hansie Cronje Death Conspiracy



A sad demise of a awesome player. Yes Hansie was his name and he was a true cricketing genius.It has been almost 16 years since his death but he is still remembered as a hero in most of south African hearts despite of what he did and what he did to his own promising career. No doubt he fixed matches and was involved in alot of match fixing scandals and the secret bank accounts he had with quite shady type of contacts . Despite of all that the way Hansie   lost his life was just tragic. People say his crash was no accident and they have reason to support this claim.
Hansie after being banned from cricket started his career as a account manager and was really happy with his job.
Cronje had to travel which was a job requirement He had a very good arrangements with a small charter airline called Air Quarius. He had a facility to travel as a sole passenger on a cargo plane the company had. In return Cronje would give the pilots a facility of living in his home and enjoying and playing golf with him. Hansie loved playing golf.
So Cronje was travelling in the same plane to George and his plane crashed in a mountain which is called Cradock Peak by locals. The plane crash news came a day after in Joburg . His wife and brother were first to reach George. The plane was carrying just Hansie and two other pilots. The situation looked pretty grim. There was no chance of survivor. Yes that came to reality after few hours when the first team reached the crash site and pronounced all three on board dead. A sad end for young 32 years old Hansie Cronje

Report came of the crash which said that the Plane was fit to travel and despite the bad weather that day pilots were fully capable of handling these weather situation. There was also a thought that some people were after Hansie and wanted to see him dead because they were aware of the fact that Hansie knew alot about the people behind match fixing and if he opens his mouth then there will be a problem for them. Some senior police officer thought that people wanted him dead. They were so powerful that they could easily sabotage the plane. The official report said it was just bad weather that led to the crash but most people thing it was something else and most likely it was a foul play.



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Hansie death came when he was getting back to his life having made his debut in 1992 and became captain after just 2 year. Hansie was a great player and Bob Woolmer once said that Hansie was the best captain he has seen. He was so energetic and his presence was main reason the team was so much successful.


Hansie confessed that he took money and the total amount reached more than 3,00,000 Dollars. He also confessed of having more then 70 bank accounts and the matches he fixed were from 1996 to 2000. He also confessed that he took gifts from bookies.




The Cronjegate: His Countdown to corruption and Later Death

  • In April,2000 the Delhi police traced a call which they said was between Hansie and a bookie. Hansie said it was just baseless allegation.
  • In the mid of April Hansie called the head of South African Cricket  board and admits that he did took money reaching almost  20,000 Dollars from bookmakers.
  • Then in the same month reports emerged that he took more then 200,000 Dollars after throwing match n 1996 aganist India.
  • In late April Newspapers revealed that he took 90,000 Dollars for throwing matches in Indian Series.
  • Pat Symcox the great African spinners said that the team was offered money to throw a match.
  • In June Gibbs also accuses Hansie of match Fixing.
  • In the same month Hansie admitted that he did take bribe but never threw even a single match.
  • King Commision was formed in the same month in which Cronje asked to forgiveness and told everything and every amount he took from match fixers
  • In mid October Cronje was banned from playing cricket.
  • Cronje appealed aganist the decision which was later rejected in October,2001.
  • 1 June the year 2002 Hansie Cronje the South African Captain was killed in a Plane Crash. The crash was caused by weather which some people question till today.

Hansie life was full of drama he was seen by some as role model but some people thought he was the villain because he tried to to destroy the wonderful game.



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