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Golf Club Cleaning Tips


Golf is a game which is getting popular day by day. The boom in golf is because of boom in electronic and the print media. Now alot of kids are going and playing the game which was very rare in early days. Its 21st Century folks things are changing that is a good sign kids are enjoying the game alot. There are alot of things to keep in mind while playing golf coaches teach you how to hit a proper putt, how to position your body while hitting a long drive in the green these are things they tell you but amateur golfers and even professional golfers should remember and learn how to take care of there gear. Yes that’s true not alot of players are so touchy and careful taking care of the clubs and there gear as a whole. If you are not taking care of your clubs and woods you are not helping yourself. Your performance will go down and your club will get depreciated quickly. The Limit2Sports has compiled some tips of taking care of of your clubs so that it remain new as ever. Few tips are as follows

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Things needed for cleaning your gear are as follows.

  1. A warm water for cleaning is a must
  2. You can use a toothbrush or a very soft-brush
  3. A dry rag
  4. A warm rag
  5. You will be needing a bucket
  6. Last you need a soap


First step is to fill up the bucket with warm water. Using  warm water will help you clean the impurities quickly and more effectively.After the water fill up add soap as mentioned above. You can use shampoo or any other detergent.


The second step is to use your brushes. You can use either tooth and soft brush for this purpose. You need to clean the grooves. Then simply hit on the part which is dirty and start scrubbing it till all the dust is removed. Here it should be mentioned that you should totally avoid using the wire brush which are normally used for cleaning utensils. This will damage your clubs.


Using dry rag after doing the step 2 will remove most of the dirt and it also helps you to see if there is some dust left on the club. If the answer is yes then the rag will help you to remove the dirt. This is the second last step in cleaning process.


The last step is to put your club inside your bag so that it will remain save from any dust. The most thing should remember that if there is dirt on your club it will have effect on your game. You will not get a feel of your club, the distance of your drive will decrease your performance in the course will decrease that is for sure. So keep in mind these steps. Apply these steps after very one month and take care of your expensive gear.









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