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Footballers Who were Murdered

Football is very vicious game at times people love to watch and they cant control there emotions when a side loss and specially in countries like South America and Asia this is kind of a sin losing to your rivals that results in emotions of crowd going at its peak and losing control leads to doing things which  they should not be doing like murdering. There are plenty of players who were murdered because they were the soul responsible for the team lose.Other then that few players were murdered while they were victim of robbery and other sad events. Limit2Sports has briefly compiled up a list of footballers who were murdered. The List is as follows.


(1) Ismael Diaz was a Salvadorian player played for El Salvador in few of there World Cup qualifying matches. Diaz was shot dead while driving his own taxi.


(2) Ehab Karim the promising Iraqi Footballer player was at the peak of his career having able to book his place in Iraqi National team was killed in a Baghdad car bomb attack in 2007. He was only 25 at the time of his death.


(3) Senizo Meiywa the goalkeeper of South African football team who booked his place recently in the side was shot dead attempting to save his wife from robbery.


(4)Lutz Eigendorf the East Germany promising player started his career in East Germany but later went on and defected to west Germany. He was very outspoken. He died in a car crash but later that turn into a murder after it was found that the secret east German police was behind his death.


(5)Luciano Re Cecconi the Lazio player was a fun figure in his side. The team loved him he used to play gags on team members and other staff. That was funny but he was murdered attempting a robbery prank and the owner shot him in chest. He was just in his mid 20s.andres_escobar

(6) Andreas Escobar own goal in 1994 world cup resulted in his murder. Escobar was murdered by the cartel after they lost money in that match by betting. He was shot 6 times and died at the spot.



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