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Football grounds in Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Football is a growing sport in Pakistan. Whether it comes to watching the universal sport in cafes even after midnight or playing even in the most hot and humid conditions. There is no shortage of the football entertainment that we can get. Islamabad and Rawalpindi are no exceptions in it. The summer vacation brings a lot of sleepless nights for the students and there is no better way to spend it then kicking a ball under flood lights to feel a football star yourself. Here is a list of top football grounds that one should really look into if they want quality over economy. yes , you can go to the public grounds with no monetary cosTotal Football Groundt but they are not exclusive and you have no right to keep others from playing in it since they are public places. But over a simple fee you can book the ground and make it worthwhile with your friends or the opposing team you are playing against.

Total Football grounds

Total Football Ground

The synthetic grass ground started in Chak Shahzad near the Comsats institute which now owns two more subsidiaries both in Ayub Park with similar structure for the people living nearby. The charges range from Rs. 2500-3500/- in day and night respectively over the period of 1.5 hours. Whatever you do in the time is your concern. You can play a full length match or play a series matches is upto to you. The ground is set for 5 players on each side only but this is not hard and fast rule to follow as you can add more people than that but it will ruin the game.

The midfield club

Football Ground in Pakistan

There are two grounds identical in names and sizes but both have different management teams and both are in Ayub Park Rawalpindi. One is called the midfield club and the other one is called the midfield center, both have 7 a-side grounds with natural grass on it but due to too much activity on the ground have made the grass disappear in the grounds and the management does not seem to be bothered about it.

F-6 multipurpose ground
The oldest night football ground for commercial purpose out there. The condition is also very bad when the last time when I went there and the astroturf is meant to be replaced every year but it is not the case with F-6 multipurpose ground. I hope that they change it so that people would avoid serious injuries while playing on that hard and rough surface. There also a basketball court, two tennis courts and skating area in the facility but they are not much used compared to the 6 a-side football ground they have.

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