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Five reasons man should be sportsman

1.     To stay in shape

Women use different kinds of cosmetics and natural beauty tips to stay attractive.But men should not do that because they are men. What they should do is play sports, any sport may it be football, cricket or basketball or even simple as jogging/running. It will help in food digestion and if you play regularly, you will be in shape too and you won’t have to worry about that extra slice of Pizza or that cake you desire.

2.     It helps reduce stress

In today’s world men suffers from stress at any level. Those who jobs, those who don’t have jobs, those who are married and those who are not married HAHA. What sports do is able to take that stress out of you and you feel light after and game, a jog or a hike and you feel kind of accomplished after you do it. And it is not me saying that it is scientifically proven. Use Google and you would find many articles and blogs written on it by experts.

3.     Participation in sports will make the use of cigarette less likely.

I know many people who play sports are smokers but they are very less compared to people who don’t. And since cigarette is a habit commonly found in people who don’t engage in sports regularly I rest my case. By playing you won’t have an urge to smoke and it will help you quit the cancer causing habit. I can tell this by experience.

4.     You can develop new friendships

I know you must remember at one line from a movie or a friend or a relative that someone became someone’s friend by playing golf, or any other sport and they helped each other out in a problem when others failed to do so. That’s what sports do, it help people bring together.

5.     It will bring the competitiveness in you

You may start playing to enjoy or get physically fit. But it is in our DNA to win and we hate it when we lose. Sports bring competitiveness in you and hence it brings confidence to face the problems in your real life whether it is work related or some personal issues.

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