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Everything about Cricket Ball

Everything you want to know about cricket ball which is the most important part of the game.


The Cricket ball which is used in International,National and First class matches consist of some basic things. They are consist of a cork,leather. In One days and Twenty20 Internationals these balls are in white color and in International Test matches these balls are in red color. The balls are manufactured according to the rules of ICC like the seam of the ball should have six layer. The leather should have two coatings and so on.


Dukes and Kookaburra are the main manufactures of cricket balls. Apart of from these two companies Slazenger is also producing cricket balls for quite sometimes.

White Cricket Ball used in One days and T20

White Cricket Ball used in One days and T20

Red Ball Used in Test Matches

Red Ball Used in Test Matches


  • Weight of the ball should be 155.9 g and the circumference should be 22.9cms.
  • For women cricket the weight of the ball should be 151grams.
  • For adults the size should be 144 gram.


The balls used in International matches are a bit costly and there range starts from $70 to $120. But there are alot of other local companies which are producing some great balls and withe less price. It is difficult to compete with the likes of Dukes and Kookaburra because of there Monopoly but there are companies that are getting some inroads in this business. Notable are the balls from Pakistani city Sialkot. They are cheap and effective too.

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