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Eric Cantona Biography




1. Eric Cantona Birth and His Hometown


The Legend was born in a beautiful city of France Marseille. It was a country side and his home was originally a cave when his grandfather migrated from Italy and started living here. His home was also used during World War 2 as a bunker. The country boy loved to hike around wonderful mountains of Marseille. Cantona was born strong and his major portion of childhood was spend in this wonderful country side.


2. Mood Issues While Playing


Eric had mood issues from the beginning. He loved to play his Favorite game football. When he was in Marseille he once threw his shirt and was Penalized by the Club chairman. Later on he was loaned to the neighbor club Montpelier. Eric didn’t end his on field dramas there and later on in May,1990 he was again suspended for few months when he reacted and threw the ball towards the Ref. Having mood issues he decided to spend some alone time and went for vacations where he did reading, listening and listening to music.


3. Arriving in England


After having troubles in French Clubs Eric with the help of Platini decided to go to England. In England he was asked by Sheffield Wedensday to show his talent in a warm up. Eric went and score three goals but he was later not signed by the club. Later he decided to go for Leeds United.


4. For Eric Money Doesn’t Matter


Eric never focused on money this was the reason he started his career in England with Leeds. He was used to live in a small Apartment which he still loves with his wife and small kid. He lived his neighbor which were mostly migrants from Pakistan and the Caribbean,


5. Arriving in United


Sir Alex also wanted to sign Alan shearer during a tough 1992 season but later when he declined asked the Leeds owner for Cantona. So Eric was signed by United for more than 1 Million Sterling. Later in this signing proved vital for united and they went on to back 4 Straight titles and the main player behind that was Eric.


6.  Eric The Genius Retires


Eric decided to retire in  the year 1997 just one year before 1998 world cup. The great footballer came to an end having given alot to the game.



7. Beach Soccer Love


He started playing beach soccer just few months after retiring. He managed to win the 2005 beach world cup. He played the game briefly in order to motivate young players that they have talent and they can play in big stage.

8. Career in Acting


Eric then tried  his luck in acting with getting a role in Hollywood Film “Elizabeth”. He also played in couple of other movies. Eric loved to act and loved living in the imaginary world.



9. Favorite Hobby


Eric loves to read and is very fond of reading books. Whenever he wants a break  from the world he starts reading that his his favorite hobby during and after even after his career.



10. Eric as a Social Campaigner


He is a type of social worker and campaigner having criticized governments, The banks, and  The Football governing bodies he dislikes. He is still very much a great critic of the “World Cup 2022” because of the Lab our laws in Qatar. He said during the Brazilian world cup that this money should have gone to students, schools and to Hospitals.

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