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Dual National Tennis Stars

Tennis has seen some great players over the years. Likes of Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras and many more. Some Tennis Players have played for only one country but they were awarded other countries nationality on the basis of their performance and there struggle they did in this game. Some were born in one country but later immigrated to some other country for better opportunity and  started their career as a tennis player. So here is a list of some tennis star that limit2sports has compiled who are Dual national’s players in tennis.

Dual National Tennis Stars


Name: Andre Agassi

Nationality: united States of America(Plays for), Armenia, Islamic Republic of Iran


 Name: Pete Sampras

Nationality: United States of America(Plays for), Greece, Canada


 Name: Mary Pierce

Nationality: United States of America, Republic Of France(Plays for), Canada


Name: Jo-Wilfred Tsonga

Nationality: Republic Of Congo, Republic Of France(plays For)


Name: Marian Cilic

Nationality: Republic of Croatia(Plays for), Republic of Bosnia






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