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Cricket Stadiums of UAE

2010 was a very dark year for Pakistan cricket. First, the spot-fixing case took place and secondly it became official that the matches of world cup 2011 won’t be played in Pakistan. It broke hearts of millions of the fans who adored the sport. No team was willing to come to Pakistan for to play. Something had to be done and quick. So it was decided by the PCB that the entire home games Pakistan is going to play will be held in UAE and their respective grounds.

Sharjah Cricket Stadium
built in the 1970s it was one of the favorite venues to hold the matches between Pakistan and India. Since the ground was on neutral venue, the crowd came there was also divided equally. It was always jam packed whenever these arch rivals faced each other. The stadium built at that time was brilliant and was a heaven for millions of Indian and Pakistanis who were living in the city far away from their home. However stadium has not changed much. I used to live nearby when I was a kid and almost went there daily, this year during my visit I went there and saw the stadium in the same condition it was decades ago. Old wooden worn out benches and the people still treating like their own property was a sad sight. I know for a fact that it won’t be renovated because Abu Dhabi and Dubai has got better stadiums with much bigger capacity. I hope that they make some arrangements because like me other people are attached to the place and have nostalgia when it comes to the old center of cricket.

Dubai Cricket Stadium

Situated a few miles away from the city this state of the art stadium is a one of most exciting places for you to be at, but you have to plan it first and buy a ticket before because they sell like hot cakes during big games. The stadium itself is a treat, the lighting is not the usual four pillars of flood light, in fact they are in the top circle of the roof of the stadium surrounding the ground which is known as the ‘ring of fire’. Its newly built hence it has all the facilities we need, multi-entering which does not allow congestion during entry and leaving, open and spacious for the crowd to enjoy their favorite teams play and it holds the capacity over 25,000 people during matches.

Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium Abu Dhabi

The stadium has said to have more than 20,000 capacity and was considered to be the finest ground in the world. Built in 2004, Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium does not have conventional seating for the general stand, in fact, they have little hills with grass to make it attractive and relaxing enough to enjoy a game of cricket.

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