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Best Cricket Movies



Cricket has a great impact in real life but not just real but in films too. There has been alot of popular films made on cricket.Referenced in award-winning movies like the famous Mary Poppins,  Award Winning Slumdog Millionaire and the famous movie Frost/Nixon, cricket has been impressively introduced to billions around the world. Cricket is a perfect sport and a perfect subject for a perfect movie. Keeping that in mind we will look and see which films are the most popular films made on this sport.


5.The Final Test

The Film was a quite a hit in specially the British Cinema. The movies was all about the great English Player Sam Palmer and his last appearance for Barmy Army. The role was played by the awesome actor Jack Warner. The Film was released in 1953. It was not a thriller but surprisingly a Comedy drama.


4.Chennai 600028

Chennai 600028 was a Tamil Film which was released in the year 2007.The main focus of this film was all about street cricket. India and Pakistan are famous for Street Cricket so that film focused on that and the rivalries the friendship and everything that Street cricketers encounters. The Film was shot in various Suburbs in Indian cities. The film won several Local awards but was unable to get its name worldwide.


3. Wondrous Oblivion

A wonderful British film was released in 2003, The film focuses on the subject of friendship and how the game of cricket impacts that friendship between a Jewish and West Indies immigrants.  The film Won award in Jewish Film Festival in Boston and also in the Giffoni Film Festival.


2. Hansie

This movie is all about the life of Hansie Cronje a promising South African player who saw his life going to the all time low when he was banned after match fixing charges. This movie also goes on and tell the aftermath of of the ban. Hansie was killed in a Plane Crash which is still suspicious because people say there was foul play in this incident. The movie was released in the year 2008.


1. Lagaan

So now coming to the Best Cricket film of all time. That is without a doubt is “Lagaan”. The Film was released in 2001. Aamir Khan was in the Lead role and he delivered one of his best perfomane of all time. The film is about a Indian Village and there cricket team who went on to challenge the British rulers for a game of cricket. If they win they will be free of giving any taxes for three years. The film won numerous awards and was also nominated in Academy awards for the The Best Foreign Film.




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