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7 Female Sports Journalists Who are Dating Athletes


Sports journalist covering stories every day is a big ask. It is  not as big as covering stories and covering various natural disaster,wars,politics and so on but it is not a piece of cake either. Some journalists in American TV are very famous specially the female sports reporters. Some have shacked up with some handsome atheletes over the years. Limit2Sports has run down a list of sports reporters who have dated atheletes. The List is as follows.


(7) Debbi Taylor  is a stunning looking reporter who is married to Wade Taylor. Wade Taylor was a average looking pitcher in his days but still he hooked up with that stunning looking girl.

MLB: SEP 28 Phillies at Nationals

(6) Hazel Mae is married to Kevin Barker. He was the first baseman in big league. He Played a 126 games in his time when Hazel was working for NECN in the city of Boston. Kevin these days runs his own show named FAN 590 in the Capital of Canada.


(5) Samantha Steele Ponder is married with Minnesota Viking quarterback Ponder. They started dating in 2012 and later got married in a wonderful Marriage ceremony. She gave birth to Christian Ponder baby in 2014. They are happily married.


(4) Jenny Dell is engaged with Red Sox Player Will Middlebrook. She is in CBS these days and was in NESN earlier in his career. They both got engaged recently. We wish them best of Luck.


(3) Laura Gardner started is career as a Cheerleader but later got a breakthrough and became a CBS reporter. Laura is stunning looking her eyes are simply out of this world. Laura is dating Pitcher Sam Le Cure since the early 2012. We dont know there current status but there facebook page says they are still together.


(2) Allie Laforce is engaged to the Pitcher Joe the Smith. Yes its true they were dating for few years and recently got engaged in a quite ceremony. She is 1.73meter Tall


(1) Sara Carbonero and Casillas in our list is at the top number. why? Because you can see it for yourself. She is simply beautiful and guess what who is here Boyfriend? Yes Iker Casillas. They have been dating for sometimes now. She is a Fox Female Spanish reporter.


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