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Wrestling is all about entertainment. Wrestlers in order to generate more and more audience entertain the audience in different ways but the best way is to showing there skills. This is not an easy sport. The wrestler body go through some really tough stages they are subjected to physical and psychological problems during and after retiring. Sometimes these problems creates alot of depression in there life that they committ suicides. Here is the list of 6 wrestlers who died too young.List is as follows.

(1) Andre the Giant is regarded as one of the top wrestlers of all time. Height over 7 feet 4 inche a very friendly character according to his mates. Andre was born in france. He died because of heart  failure when we was attending his fathers funeral at that time. Died while sleeping. He was 43 years old.


(2) Ultimate Warrior was suffering from psychological distress for few years. He got inducted in Hall of fame recently but because of his stress and huge depression he died in 2014 aged 54. The cause of his death is still unknown.


(3) Umaga at the prime of his career after winning two back to back intercontinental titles died at the age of 36 in 2014 because of drug overdose.


(4) Eddie Guerrero died at the age of 38 because of drug overdose. He dies in his sleep. He is also considered one of the most gifted wrestlers in WWE History. His wife is Vickie Guerrero who does Managerial job in WWE.


(5) Chris Benoit death is one of the most shocking of all because he killed himself by gunshot after suffering from depression and substance abuse. He first killed his wife his small kid and then himself in his home in  2007. He was only 40 years old.


(6) Owen Hart death is one of the shocking deaths of all time. Owen hart was the brother of the Brat Hart. He was the youngest among the 12 brothers he had. Owen was wrestling when a stunt went totally wrong. He fell from 74 feet and died because of severe head trauma that happened at the impact. He was 34 and died in 1999. The saddest death so far because it was live on air.


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