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5 discussing points of Pakistan vs. England after the first ODI match.

The test matches are over and the honeymoon period is also over. Pakistan started off the test series in flying colors and ended on high as well, but we were already a good side in test cricket considering the past two year record. Now let’s focus on the One Day International that Pakistan lost yesterday. Here are 5 discussing points regarding the almost one side game.

Pakistan needs a hard hitter or show a little aggression in batting

We desperately need a hard hitter of the ball who can score in quick sessions. We had Afridi and Razzaq but that time is gone and we need to find someone who can knock the ball out the park consistently.  The death over’s are not fruitful as they should be as we were only to put up 61 runs in the last ten over’s. This results in low total and puts the pressure on the bowlers. Our ODI average run-rate of the past 12 months in 5.35 which is bad and we need to sort out this problem.

No Hafeez and Sharjeel Khan in the team

This may sound a bit harsh but both these batsmen are done and should not be allowed to represent Pakistan anymore. Hafeez had his chances for more than 5 years and Sharjeel is gets out too easily, as if are playing with 10 men only. Michael Holding said had I been the captain of Pakistan Team today would have been the last game of Sharjeel Khan for my team” after his under par performance when it mattered. Hafeez had bowling action problem and his batting was already showing dismal performances and to put a cherry on top his fielding fiasco is causing nothing short of lack of professionalism by the highest paid player in the country.

Safraz dhoka nai dega

Apart from his dropped catch Safraz has really shown that he is the best keeper/batsmen we had since Rashid Lateef and as Naseer Hussain said “Nothing excites me about this Pakistani batting lineup, no one looks like a modern one day batsman, maybe sarfraz who looks like making a difference”. Although there is a lot of room for improvement and I see Safraz becoming our next captain in next couple of years.

Pakistan needs to better their record against England.

Pakistan has only won 1 game out of 10 against England in ODIs. Poor record yet again and nothing is done to change this and we can see a slaughter in coming games including the T20s.

Babar Azam is a promising star

It’s too early to say but Babar Azam looks a proper middle order batsman we were looking for. He is stable with good posture and technique. I hope that he improves and make his position permanent in the team.


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