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5 Best Tennis Racquets of All Time


1. Murray won Wimbledon in 2012, The weapon of choice was Head racquet just as it has been for almost every British Players career. This year, British Number 1 is going for a Graphene Radical Pro, which is totally optimised for heavy ball hittings. Definitely this will help Murray because he is a hardcore baseline Player. The Rate Starts From $200.

Murray head

2.Lefty Master Rafael Nadal uses racket, the Babbolat Nadal AeroPros Drive GT 2015, It certainly plays it’s part, treading a line between aggression and the  ease of his movement through the air which allows the player and helps the player to create the necessary power on his groundstrokes. At 300g, Rafeal racket is  lighter as compaired with Murray’s (310g).  Probably one for  baseliners. Its Price Starts from $150.


 3.Roger Federers Wilson Pro Staff 90 weighing only 350g comes at the Number 3 Spot. Its price is around same as as Nadals Machines Price.


4.Weighing 315g Djokovic Racquet which costs round about same as nadals and federers rackets cost comes at our list in Number 4th Spot. He is using Graphene Head speed racket.


5. Last But not least Yonex Pro Racket which cost round about $200 comes at the Number 5th Spot. It weighs around 310g.





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