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5 of the Best Golf Courses in the World

Here is the List of  most beautiful golf courses in the world. We have complied the top five.

(5) Oakmont golf course in United States of Americas most beautiful state Pennsylvania is at number five. This gold course was designed by H.C Fownes. Almost 1000 Trees were removed building this golf course in 1960. This golf course has some wonderful holes with deep bunkers. The US Open 2016 will be played in this swift golf course. The total distance of the course is  7,255 yards and Par 71.


(4) The Sand Hill course situated in Central Nebraska is the top golf courses in the country. Par 71 and the distance almost 7000 yards this course is the most natural golf course ever. It was not really build rather than discovered.


(3) National Golf Link of USA is situated in New York’s city Southampton. The course is the most strategic golf course in USA. Designed by the great C.B MacDonald this golf has some very strategic holes which tastes the skills of some profession players. The walker cup 2003 was played in this golf course. The distance of this course is 6995 yard and having Par 72.


(2) TurnBerry Resort in Scotland is at number 2 in our list. Scotland itself is a wonderful country with lush green grass. This course was where some of the battles took place in world war 2. The original shape as you can see was designed by Dave Thomas and Peter Alliss in the 1970s. Martin Elbert made few changes to this course few years back but this is one of the most beautiful International golf courses in the world. The distance is almost 7,112 yards.


(1)Kingston Heath Golf course in wonderful state of Victoria is at the top of our list. The view the holes the weather everything is just amazing about it. The course is very natural in its look not alot of alteration was done. The course was built in very early in fact in 1925 by the great architect  Des Soutar. The Bunkers are longer and very strategically placed. Few courses in Australia were built viewing this course. The total distance of this course is almost  6,494,PAR 72.


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