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10 Athletes Who Injured themselves while Celebrating

Some Athletes are famous for there trademark celebration. The likes of Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Akhtar  trademark celebrations are famous in cricket. In golf Tiger woods fist celebration and in football Messi and Christiano Ronaldo famous trademark celebrations and so on. But sometimes celebrations of some athletes goes wrong. The list of top 10 athletes who injured themselves while celebrating.

(1) Paolo Diogo swiss footballers wedding got stuk in one of the fences in the ground while celebrating his goal. He lost  chunk of his wedding finger. A very costlty celebration indeed.


(2) Kendry Morales hit a home run aganist Seatlle Mariners in 2010. The later celebration cost him his ankle which got severely injured. He was taken from the ground on a  stretcher.


(3) James Faulkner after getting a wicket was giving high five to Australian wicketkeeper Brad Haddin resulting in hitting his eye instead. Haddin was taken back to the dressing room for few minutes nothing serious happened but atleast you should know how to high five somebody.


(4) Greg Laidlaw the Scottish Rugby player hit the winning penalty against Wallabies which landed scoland to an historic win.The teammates went crazy after the final whistle and mobbed Greg which left him injured.


(5) Martin Palermo costly celebration left him out of the Argentinian Football world cup squad. He broke his leg when doing the famous backflip.


(6)  Peter Biaksangzuala Indian Premier League player died while backfliping.


(7) Dustan Mohr Rockies Outfielder injured his Calf after celebrating the first season win back in 2005. He was out for 15 days.


(8) Fabian Espindola of salt lakes injured his ankle while backfliping celebration. He was out for 8 weeks.


(9) Lindsey Vonn after the the downhill ski Championship got over excited and sliced a tendon n her right thumb with the Champagne Bottle She was not out for long recovered after a minor surgery.


(10) Ryan Dempster was left with a broken toe after his celebration. His foot was stuck in the chain link.



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